When You're Out of 'Get Out of Jail Free' Cards

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Don't Let Bail Intimidate You

Work with an experienced bondsman based out of Anderson or Greenville, SC

You've found yourself on the wrong side of a jail cell, and you don't have many options available to you. When you need help making bail, call Alden Wheeler Bonding of South Carolina. We cover all counties within South Carolina to ensure that we provide you with top-notch bail bonding experience. 
We offer flexible payments that will help you get your loved one home with an affordable option. We also use an smartphone app that makes checking in with our agency convenient.

Call 864-437-8850 or contact us online now to learn more about bail bonds.

8 Steps of the bail process

Getting out of jail can be an arduous process, and our bondsmen can walk you through it step-by-step. Here's what to expect when you contact Alden Wheeler Bonding:

  1. The defendant is arrested and taken to jail for processing
  2. The defendant learns the amount of bail required for release
  3. If the defendant does not have the full bail amount, he or she can call Alden Wheeler Bonding
  4. When the family and Alden Wheeler Bonding has secured a plan to bond the defendant out from incarceration.
  5. Next available bond hearing or same day service.
  6. The defendant is required to meet for signing all bond paperwork and to be advised of the requirements of their bond
  7. The defendant checks in weekly at office or on the Alden Wheeler Bonding APP
  8. The defendant attends their court dates and completes all bond requirements.

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Count on a trustworthy bond agent in SC

Alden Wheeler Bonding is a business based out of Anderson, SC. Our bondsman, Alden Wheeler, has been a private investigator for over 27 years. In 2008, he partnered with a friend to open a bonding agency, now consisting of seven offices throughout the entire state staffed by eight licensed bail bond agents. We treat our defendants with firm and fair professionalism, and we ensure our clients arrive at their court dates and meet all requirements of the bond.

Rely on Alden Wheeler Bonding for knowledgeable and affordable bail services.